Food Lion, LLC

Salisbury, North Carolina
Top Performer (2004)
Top Performer (2009)

Food Lion LLC, one of the country's largest supermarket chains in the United States, has approximately 1,300 stores across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. It operates stores under the banner names Food Lion, Bloom, Bottom Dollar Food, Harveys and Reid's.

Food Lion LLC's energy program continues to be one of the strongest not only among grocers, but also across retailers and corporations in general. In 2008, the company received designation for its 805th ENERGY STAR store -- a 12-month increase of 100 stores.  Food Lion LLC continues to own more than half of all of the nation's grocery stores with ENERGY STAR ratings. Food Lion LLC has also received seven consecutive ENERGY STAR Awards, more than any other grocer.

The 45 billion BTUs Food Lion LLC cut from its energy program in 2008 are the equivalent of saving approximately 1 million dollars in utility costs, reducing carbon emissions by more than 18 million pounds, planting 4,023 acres of trees, powering 1,323 American homes for one year or taking 2,936 cars off the road.

These reductions are built upon the chain's accumulated energy savings. Since 2000, Food Lion LLC has reduced energy consumption by more than 2.5 trillion BTUs and saved approximately 55 million dollars in utility costs. By leveraging new technologies and pursuing energy management projects, Food Lion LLC has achieved energy reductions equal to powering 481 virtual stores. It's as if 39 percent of the chain uses no energy at all.