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Anthony Wayne Local Schools

Whitehouse, Ohio
20% Improvement (2009)
Top Performer (2009)

Anthony Wayne Local School District, located in Whitehouse, OH, educates approximately 4,400 students across more than 500,000 square feet of space. In May 2006 Anthony Wayne Local School District retained Energy Education, Inc., and began implementing the company's people-driven Transformational Energy Management Process. This successful partnership has led to increased energy efficiency and has instilled a sustainable energy ethic throughout the district's seven facilities.

Anthony Wayne Local School District earned ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition for improving its energy efficiency by more than 20 percent throughout the district. All seven buildings in the district's portfolio have earned the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance. In the last year alone, Anthony Wayne Local School District has avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the planting of more than 200 acres of trees or the annual emissions of more than 150 vehicles. Staff, faculty and students at Anthony Wayne Local School District have implemented hundreds of improvements in energy consumption habits. Their energy efficiency efforts have been led by the district's energy educator/manager with ongoing on-site training and oversight from Energy Education's engineers and specialists.

Anthony Wayne Local School District joined the ENERGY STAR program in 2008.