Bristow Public Schools

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Top Performer (2009)

Bristow Public School District educates approximately 1,200 K-12 students in 25 buildings. Its mission statement is that Bristow Public School District shares with parents, students, and community the responsibility of educating its youth to assure that all students make a smooth transition from school to life. Bristow Public School District views energy efficiency as an opportunity to educate students and staff about environmental protection, as well as a way to reduce operating cost. As a result, the district strives to increase energy efficiency and educate every student and employee about its environmental benefits. The ENERGY STAR program has provided the district with many valuable resources and ideas to enable it to meet its energy goals.


Bristow Public School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer for achieving an average energy performance rating of 77 for its building portfolio. In the past year alone the district has avoided emissions of over 600 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of planting more than 140 acres of trees or the annual emissions of more than 100 vehicles. The district's success in improving energy efficiency began with a commitment by the school board, who appointed a district energy educator and manager to implement a people-oriented management plan. The energy manager tracks the energy data for 85 utility meters and accounts, identifies energy savings opportunities, and oversees improvements. Bristow Public Schools' purchasing policy also includes buying ENERGY STAR qualified equipment and appliances whenever possible.


Bristow Public School District joined the ENERGY STAR program in 2008.