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Georgetown Exempted Village Schools

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Top Performer (2008)
20% Improvement (2008)

The Georgetown Exempted Village School District (GEVSD) in Georgetown, OH, is a small district with approximately 1,000 students.


In 2007, the GEVSD qualified as an ENERGY STAR Leader by demonstrating a 20 percent improvement over its baseline energy performance. The GEVSD began construction in 2005 on a new elementary school and remodeled its junior and senior high school. Both buildings received numerous upgrades, including energy-conscious building designs, new software to power off computers when idle, and a Building Automation System (BAS). A new HVAC system was installed in the junior and senior high school to facilitate better climate control.


After the buildings were completed in 2006, the GEVSD partnered with ENERGY STAR and began tracking its energy use in Portfolio Manager early the following year. In November 2007, the elementary school received a 75 in EPA's energy performance rating system and earned the ENERGY STAR. In December 2007, the junior/senior school did the same thing, achieving a rating of 75. To date, the GEVSDs partnership with ENERGY STAR has allowed the district to prevent more than 650 tons of CO2 emissions per year and save more than $27,000 in energy costs annually, allowing these funds to be diverted into educational resources.


To successfully implement its energy plan, the GEVSD appointed a maintenance director to oversee the operation of the districts buildings. The maintenance director is responsible for monitoring the buildings' energy use through the BAS, training maintenance staff on energy conservation methods, purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified equipment when possible, and encouraging staff and students turn off lights and other equipment when not in use.