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Athens Area School District

Logo for Athens Area School District Athens, Pennsylvania
20% Improvement (2008)

Athens Area School District, located in Athens, Pennsylvania educates approximately 2,500 students in seven school buildings consisting of more than 520,000 square feet of floor space. The district aims to provide a safe, supportive, caring, and productive learning environment in which young people can obtain the knowledge, technological abilities, and skills needed to become productive members of society. Athens Area School District views energy efficiency as an opportunity to help environmental protection, and reduce operating costs. The district strives to increase energy efficiency to maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services.

As of 2008, Athens Area School District has achieved ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition for increasing its energy efficiency by more than 20 percent as compared to a 2005 baseline. In the last year alone, the district has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,000 metric tons, the equivalent of the emissions from more than 200 cars or the planting of more than 250 acres of trees. This represents a savings of approximately $700,000 in two and a half years for the district. Working with Energy Education, Inc., Athens Area School District has tracked energy use data and identified opportunities to redirect monetary savings.  Successful efficiency measures have included intensive facility audits, increased focus on maintenance of energy systems and equipment, and the review and modification of both indoor and outdoor lighting schedules and thermostat set points. Purchasing ENERGY STAR-qualified office equipment and appliances has also contributed to the program's success.