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Program Indicators in Connecticut

  • 9,778 ENERGY STAR certified homes built to date
  • 0 ENERGY STAR certified homes built 2015 to date
  • 460 ENERGY STAR certified homes built in 2014
  • 76 ENERGY STAR for Homes Partners

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ENERGY STAR certified homes built in 2014 are the equivalent of:

  • Eliminating emissions from 207 vehicles
  • Saving 856,060 lbs of coal
  • Planting and growing 25,300 coniferous trees for 10 years
  • Saving the environment 2,192,360 pounds of CO2
Based on national averages

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Name ASC Partner Since Incentive Description
Connecticut Light & Power
1997 Homebuilders can obtain rebates for certifying new homes as ENERGY STAR. Additional incentives for certified HVAC, water heating insulation and geothermal equiptment.
The United Illuminating Company
1999 The United Illuminating Company 203-499-5935 Available incentives include: ENERGY STAR Certification Incentive (4 tier levels which include an applicant incentive and HERS Rating incentive), High Performance Certification Incentive (for homes that achieve LEED, U.S. DOE Challenge Home or NGBS status), Low-Load Homes Bonus Incentive, and Additional Prescriptive Incentives available for: High Performance Insulation and Air Sealing, ENERGY STAR HVAC, Geothermal Heat Pumps, ENERGY STAR Natural Gas Furnace or Boilers, ENERGY STAR Hot Water Heaters, ENERGY STAR TopTenUSA, and Duct and Envelope Testing. Zero Energy Challenge competition available for qualified projects with the chance to win a $10,000.00 additional incentive.

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Name Partner Since Homes Certified
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014*
Homes Certified
State Total*
Homes Certified
Grand Total*
Environments for Living/Masco Home Services
Other Areas in Connecticut
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2002 7,427 0 132,708
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford; New Haven-Milford
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2001 1,352 126 25,307
Conservation Services Group - New England
1996 249 291 21,963
GDS Associates of New England
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2005 259 1 7,854
Performance Systems Development
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk; Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford; Worcester
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2002 472 107 3,001
Steven Winter Design, a Division of Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk; Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford
Indoor AirPLUS icon
1997 217 415 1,736
Center for EcoTechnology
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2005 51 6 1,439
Home Energy Technologies, LLC
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk; Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford; New Haven-Milford; Worcester
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2009 266 1,091 1,091
RPM Energy Solutions, LLC
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford; New Haven-Milford
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2009 22 519 519
Systems Building Research Alliance (SBRA)
Other Areas in Connecticut
2005 0 0 335
Sustainable Comfort
2010 54 1 319
Infrared Diagnostic, LLC
Indoor AirPLUS icon
2008 2 0 32
Consulting Engineering Services, Inc.
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford
2010 0 10 10
The Legacy Mechanical Group, Inc. (LMG)
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford; Worcester
2011 2 10 10
Antec Energy, LLC
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk; New Haven-Milford
2011 1 2 2
Building Conservation Technology LLC
Norwich-New London
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2013 Homes Pending Homes Pending Homes Pending

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* There is a reporting period for submitting ENERGY STAR certified homes data that occurs after the end of each calendar quarter. The "Homes Certified" columns are updated for all partners after the reporting period ends and all data has been approved by EPA.

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