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Good Foods Coop
455 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
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We have been focusing on efficiency for several years at our store.  We work constantly with our external partners (electricians, utility companies, etc.) to improve our energy consumption.  We have used tools from the web, like the EPA site for example, as well as commissioned energy audits to assess performance and identify opportunies.  We have: changed out lighting contactors from powered to magnetic; switched to energy efficient lighting (like LEDs, T-8s, compact flourescents, etc.); treated our windows with radiative/reflective film; installed programmable thermostats; doubled the frequency of and expanded the scope of our equpment maintenace routines; include energy consumption as a key factor in making new equpment purchases; and much more. We are going further with the current project by: installing 480 volt power to our building; replacing outdated compressors with an efficient rack system including a heat reclaim feature; replacing older 120V ellectronic ballasts with 277V electronic ballasts; equipping our hood systems with an energy managemnet system; purchasing even more energy-efficient equipment in addition to or in replacement of less efficient models; adding low flow plumbing fixtures; increasing insulation of our hot water lines and other systems; and much more. 




"Working toward earning the ENERGY STAR has helped our company to cotribute to our triple bottom line (Environmental, Financial, Social).  First, we have better long and medium-term financial forecasts.  Second, we have reduced our carbon footprint and contributed to global sustainability.  Lastly, we have provided an example that is inspiring to others in our community that is already leading to changes outside of our store."
-- Dan Arnett, Store Manager, Good Foods

Please note: Narrative information in this profile has been provided by Good Foods Coop or a representative of this facility. Other building information was verified and submitted to EPA at the time of application. Building energy performance, operating characteristics, and ownership/management may be subject to change over time.

Service Provider:
Good Foods Coop

Building Owner:*
Good Foods Coop

Property Manager:*
Good Foods Coop

Year(s) Labeled (Rating):
2007 (98)

Facility Type: Supermarket/Grocery Store

Total Floorspace: 21069 sf

Year Constructed: 1964

Contract Type: Internal Resources
Financing Type: Loan

Technologies Used:
   Stage 1-Recommissioning
   Stage 2-Lighting
   Stage 3-Load Reductions
   Stage 4-Fan Systems
   Other Technologies/Strategies

For More Info:
Casey Dunn
Lexington, KY 40576