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Ardagh Group - Sapulpa
1000 N. Mission Street
Sapulpa, OK 74066
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The Verallia North America plant in Sapulpa, OK was built by Liberty Glass Company in 1912. In 1994 the facility was purchased by Foster-Forbes as part of its acquisition of Liberty Glass Company, and in 1995 Ball and Saint-Gobain formed Ball-Foster Glass Container Corp. (including Foster Forbes) as a joint venture. Two years later in 1996, Saint-Gobain purchased Ball?s interest in the joint venture, making Ball-Foster a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. Then on Jan. 1, 2001 the name was changed to Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc. and in 2010 the brand name was changed to Verallia.

The ground was broken and construction began at the Sapulpa plant in October 1912. Operations began in February 1913, when lamp chimneys, lantern globes, jelly glasses, tumblers and goblets were among the first items manufactured. In 1918, the site began specializing in milk and beverage bottles, and during the years of World War II, the Sapulpa plant manufactured a patented glass mail box and produced glass knobs in addition to the glass beverage bottles.

Today, the Sapulpa plant has three furnaces that use 1,043 tons of raw and recycled materials in its continuous operations ? seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Sapulpa facility has approximately 345 hourly-represented and salaried employees that manufacture approximately 3.3 million glass bottles each day for the beer and beverage markets.

To improve its energy efficiency, the plant took the following actions:

?       Installed a better-designed, energy-efficient furnace in June 2010 that resulted in a 38% improvement in energy efficiency,

?       Completed a robust compressed air leak and repair program and installed an upgraded compressor control   system, and 

?       Replaced existing lighting systems with a combination of motion sensor activated lamps and LED lighting.

The Verallia Sapulpa, OK plant was awarded the ENERGY STAR plant certification for the first time in 2012.



Year(s) Labeled:
2012, 2013, 2014

Facility Type:
Container Glass