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Best Buy is the world's largest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer with stores in the United States, Canada, China, and Mexico. BestBuy.com is among the top ten retail websites in the United States and we have the number one customer loyalty program of its kind. There are more than 1 billion visitors to our websites and 600 million visits to our U.S. stores each year. Our Blue Shirts sales associates and Geek Squad Agents are committed to delivering on our Customer Promise: 1. The latest devices and services all in one place 2. Knowledgeable, impartial advice 3. Competitive prices 4. The ability to shop when and where you want 5. To support you for the life of your products

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2014-2015 Participation Highlights

Goal for the Year: 8,125,000 lbs of ghgs
Current Total: 0 lbs of ghgs
Percent to Goal: 0%

Questions about your Goal?
If you have questions about setting or changing your goal, please email changetheworld@energystar.gov.

2014-2015 Savings Breakdown

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 0 lbs
Individuals: 0
Dollars: $0
kWh: 0
BTUs: 0

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Member Organizations

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Organization Name % Contribution lbs. of Greenhouse Gases
@15 0
City of Pittsfield, MA 0
Do Something - E-Waste 0
HVAC4Any1 0

2013 Archived Campaign Success

Results for Change the World Campaign 2014-2015
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 0
Dollars $0
kWh 0
BTUs 0
Results for Change the World Campaign 2013-2014
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 156,298
Dollars $12,182
kWh 85,878
BTUs 138,405,192
Results for Change the World Campaign 2012-2013
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 92,572
Dollars $7,160
kWh 52,792
BTUs 97,369,934
Results for Change the World Campaign 2011-2012
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 1,313,677
Dollars $90,304
kWh 770,081
BTUs 1,075,148,719
Results for Change the World Campaign 2010-2011
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 3,301,892
Dollars $267,991
kWh 1,783,882
BTUs 4,087,426,101
Results for Change the World Campaign 2009-2010
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (lbs.) 44,679,674
Dollars $3,623,328
kWh 24,978,540
BTUs 53,629,949,958
Results for Change a Light Campaign 2007-2008
# of Pledges 36
# of Bulbs 2,253
Energy Savings 635,346 kWh
Cost Savings $59,087
*Greenhouse Gas 921,477 lbs.
Results for Change a Light Campaign 2006-2007
# of Pledges 324
# of Bulbs 1,852
Energy Savings 522,264 kWh
Cost Savings $48,571
*Greenhouse Gas 757,468 lbs.