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View pledge drivers from current and past campaigns by clicking on the appropriate year.

The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

811 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type % to goal lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^ Recommit for 2014-15
USDA, FNS, SERO, RAO Georgia Federal N/A 37,843 Go
USDA, FNS, SERO, FO Georgia Federal N/A 48,417 Go
USDA, FNS, SERO, FM Georgia Federal N/A 45,110 Go
USDA, FNS, SERO Georgia Federal N/A 733,396 Go
ThermaCote, Inc. Georgia Small Business N/A 28,455  
Satilla REMC Georgia Electric Cooperative 0% 0 Go
Moody Air Force Base Georgia Military N/A 1,082,002  
Mitchell Electric Membership Corporation Georgia Electric Cooperative 8% 28,800 Go
Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany Georgia Military 20% 71,100 Go
Jackson EMC Georgia Utility N/A 2,807,382 Go
Georgia Tech 2010 Georgia Student/Club 1% 2,700 Go
Georgia Power Company Georgia Utility N/A 265,735,377  
Five Years Forward Georgia Small Business N/A 0 Go
Central Georgia EMC Georgia Electric Cooperative N/A 56,736  
Carroll EMC Georgia Electric Cooperative N/A 29,374 Go
Amicalola EMC Georgia Utility N/A 53,985  
AgileCO Georgia Small Business N/A 0 Go
clinko services Florida Small Business 0% 0 Go
Voya, Bay Meadows, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate N/A 807,720  
University of Florida Florida College/University N/A 207,508 Go
USDC Southern District of Florida Florida Federal 1% 2,180 Go
SuncorSolar Florida Environmental/Energy 0% 0 Go
St. Lucie County Florida Local 263% 9,347,216 Go
Sarasota County, FL Florida Local N/A 20,415,936  
Rufus E. Payne Elementary Florida K-12 4% 52,234 Go
Polk County Schools Florida K-12 N/A 1,804,068  
Okaloosa County, FL Florida Local 1% 7,307 Go
Lee Wetherington Homes Florida Small Business N/A 0 Go
Kirk Consulting Group, Inc. Florida Small Business N/A 0 Go
ING, Quadrant, Jacksonville, FL Florida Corporate 0% 0 Go
Gulf Power Co. Florida Utility N/A 359,522  
Gavlabs LLC Florida Small Business N/A 4,682 Go
Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Florida Utility 434% 9,273,200 Go
Floresta Elementary Florida K-12 N/A 591,434  
Energy Saving Window Florida Small Business N/A 68,674 Go
EcoLabel Fundraising Florida Small Business 0% 0 Go
City of North Miami Florida Local 76% 271,350 Go
City of Lauderhill Florida Local 0% 0 Go
Brevard Achievement Center Florida Corporate, Military, Trade/Membership 11% 38,280 Go
AMC MacDill AFB Florida Military 95% 339,103 Go
AFSPC Patrick AFB Florida Military 38% 135,000 Go
AFMC Eglin Air Force Base Florida Military 35% 126,000 Go
AETC Tyndall AFB Florida Military 1240% 4,414,500 Go
USDA Headquarters District of Columbia Federal 132% 1,412,886 Go
Public Technology Institute District of Columbia Environmental/Energy, Other 0% 0 Go
Peace Corps District of Columbia Federal N/A 179,374  
Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood District of Columbia Other, Neighborhood Alliance 0% 0 Go
ICMA District of Columbia Other, Local Government N/A 22,390 Go
Department of Defense District of Columbia Federal N/A 194,579,144 Go
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