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The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type Total Pledges v Recommit for 2014-15
Moya Elementary Arizona K-12 91 Go
My Arizona Home Team of Keller Williams Integrity 1st Realty Arizona Other, Realtors 7 Go
MyGreenOffset.com Arizona Small Business 20 Go
Noah Webster Basic School Arizona K-12 1 Go
North High School Arizona K-12 82 Go
Oasis Elementary Arizona K-12 18 Go
Pierson Vocational HIgh School Arizona K-12, Local 0 Go
Pueblo del Sol Middle School Arizona K-12 18 Go
Red Mountain Ranch Elementary Arizona K-12 59 Go
Riverhaven Home Owners' Association Arizona Other, Home Owners' Association 0 Go
SRP Arizona Utility 122,430 Go
SRP Employees Arizona Utility 475 Go
Salt River Materials Group Arizona Industrial 93  
Sandpiper Elementary Arizona K-12 44 Go
Smith Junior High School Arizona K-12 1 Go
Target Training International Arizona Small Business 26 Go
US Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca Arizona Military 1 Go
Voya, Scottsdale, AZ Arizona Corporate 87  
AETC Little Rock AFB Arkansas Military 0 Go
Arkansas National Guard Arkansas Military 6 Go
FedEx Freight Arkansas Corporate 592  
Fort Smith Community Development Arkansas Federal, Local 21 Go
Fulbright Elementary School Arkansas K-12 0 Go
U.S. HUD - Little Rock Field Office Arkansas Federal 25 Go
ACN Independent Representative California Small Business 1  
AFMC Edwards AFB California Military 646 Go
AFMC Los Angeles AFB California Military 0 Go
AFSPC Vandenberg AFB California Military 400 Go
AmeriCorps/Teams-ERHS California Environmental/Energy, K-12 21 Go
Boeing El Segundo California Industrial 130  
Cerro Villa Middle School California K-12 61 Go
City of El Cerrito California Local 0 Go
City of La Verne California Local 3 Go
City of Roseville - Roseville Electric California Utility 9 Go
Collins Elementary School California K-12 1 Go
ConserveBirdHabitat.com California Other, Personal Site 4 Go
County of Los Angeles California Local 0 Go
County of Los Angeles SPA 7 California Local 0 Go
DOE Department of Science California Federal 7 Go
Deanza/Foothill Community College California College/University, Student/Club 4 Go
Department of Motor Vehicles California College/University 129 Go
Foothill Middle School California K-12 0 Go
GSA, San Francisco, CA California Federal 1 Go
Girl Scout Group 5948 California Student/Club 0 Go
Greener Impact California Environmental/Energy 214 Go
Hands on Realty Group California Small Business 1 Go
Hill Classical Middle School 8th Grade RISE California K-12 2 Go
ING, El Segundo, CA California Corporate 101 Go
Improving Tomorrow California Small Business 0 Go
Interfaith Power and Light California Religious/Spiritual 7 Go