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The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^ Recommit for 2014-15
Cold Hill Elementary Kentucky K-12, Student/Club 0 Go
Cobblestone Homes Michigan Small Business 17 Go
Coastal Electric Cooperative Georgia Utility 6 Go
Coast Electric Power Association Mississippi Electric Cooperative, Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization, Utility 42 Go
Coahoma Electric Power Assn Mississippi Electric Cooperative 1 Go
CNMI Energy Office Northern Mariana Islands Local 149 Go
Clinton-Massie Ohio K-12 1 Go
Clinton County, MI Michigan Local 82 Go
Cleverly Designed Arizona Small Business 1 Go
Cleveland Public Power Ohio Local, Utility 3 Go
Clearwood Junior High Louisiana K-12 0 Go
Clearwater Power Company Washington Electric Cooperative 1 Go
Clarke Electric Cooperative Iowa Electric Cooperative 0 Go
Clark Energy Cooperative Kentucky Electric Cooperative 1,127 Go
Clark County, OH Ohio Local 57 Go
Clark County REMC Indiana Electric Cooperative 1,765 Go
Civilianism.com Minnesota Other, Web Site Activist 0 Go
City of Warwick, RI Rhode Island Local 16 Go
City of Valparaiso Indiana Local 100 Go
City of Toledo, Ohio Ohio Local 37 Go
City of Summit New Jersey Local 114 Go
City of Sarasota Florida Local 10 Go
City of Roseville - Roseville Electric California Utility 9 Go
City of Pittsburg New Hampshire Local 18 Go
City of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Local 975 Go
City of Orange Township New Jersey Local 0 Go
City of Ocean City, NJ New Jersey Local 0 Go
City of North Miami Florida Local 6 Go
City of Nashua New Hampshire Local 77 Go
City of Miami Florida Local 473 Go
City of Mesa Utilities Department Arizona Local, Utility 1 Go
City of Long Branch New Jersey Local 512 Go
City of La Verne California Local 3 Go
City of Knoxville, TN Tennessee Local 126 Go
City of Keene New Hampshire Local 12 Go
City of Irving Texas Local 1 Go
City of Fort Wayne Indiana Local 927 Go
City of Elizabeth New Jersey Local 443  
City of El Cerrito California Local 0 Go
City of Chanhassen Environmental Commission Minnesota Local 11 Go
City of Bridgeton Comm Dev Office New Jersey Local 22 Go
City of Brevard North Carolina Local 0 Go
City of Bozeman Montana Local 31 Go
City of Boston Massachusetts Local 2,540 Go
City of Aurora Colorado Colorado Local 122 Go
City of Auburn AL Alabama Local 11 Go
City of Arlington, Texas Texas Local 106  
City Life Realty Maryland Small Business 12 Go
Citi New York Corporate 86 Go
Circle K International - Southeastern Louisiana University Chapter Louisiana College/University, Student/Club 0 Go
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