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The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^ Recommit for 2014-15
Stewart Terrace AFB New York Military 87 Go
Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. New York Electric Cooperative 77 Go
Rockland Electric Company New York Utility 553 Go
RSES Region 2 New York Trade/Membership 4 Go
Project Light Change New York Environmental/Energy 22 Go
Pike County Light & Power Co. New York Utility 47 Go
Orange & Rockland New York Utility 2,170 Go
New York-Presbyterian Hospital New York Other, Hospital 0 Go
New York Interfaith Power & Light New York Religious/Spiritual 0 Go
Neighborhood Earth Watch New York Environmental/Energy 20 Go
Naval Station Saratoga Springs New York Military 0 Go
NYSERDA New York Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 11,377  
NBC Universal New York Corporate 49 Go
Mitchel Field New York Military 0 Go
Lowville Academy New York K-12 6 Go
Long Island Power Authority New York Utility 2,646 Go
Long Beach Housing Authority New York Local 5 Go
Lime Energy New York Corporate, Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 28 Go
Lake Shore Physics New York K-12 0 Go
ING Clarion New York Corporate 0 Go
HSBC Bank New York Corporate 212 Go
GreenYorktown New York Environmental/Energy 11 Go
Green is Universal New York Corporate 2 Go
Good Deed Foundation New York Environmental/Energy 0 Go
Girl Scouts of the Tarrytowns New York Other, Girl Scouts Hearts of the Hudson 13 Go
Gerard J. Picaso, Inc. New York Small Business 0 Go
GSA, New York, NY New York Federal 11 Go
Frontline New York Corporate 0 Go
Fort Drum New York Military 3,100 Go
Ethical Culture Fieldston School New York K-12 5 Go
Electric City Bombers New York Student/Club 1 Go
Dutchess County, NY New York Local 147 Go
DJ Peeney Builders New York Small Business 35 Go
Citi New York Corporate 86 Go
Canfei Nesharim New York Environmental/Energy, Religious/Spiritual 1 Go
Brook Farm Veterinary Center New York Other, Small Business, Veterinary Care 2,000 Go
Blue Ridge Community College, Students in Free Enterprise New York Trade/Membership 182  
Bergmann Associates New York Small Business 9 Go
Bell Park Gardens New York Other, co-op 0 Go
Bard College New York College/University 3 Go
AlternativeEnergy.com New York Small Business 0 Go
Akwesasne Housing Authority New York Other, Housing Authority 0 Go
AFSOC - Hurlburt Field New York Military 694 Go
A FAMILY AFFAIR REALTY New York Small Business 20 Go
U.S. HUD - Albuquerque Field Office New Mexico Federal 16 Go
Santa Fe County, NM New Mexico Local 190 Go
Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority New Mexico Local, Other, Tribal 0 Go
McKinley Elementary New Mexico K-12 25 Go
Los Alamos National Laboratory New Mexico Federal 348 Go
Continental Divide Electric Cooperative New Mexico Electric Cooperative 0 Go
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