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The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

743 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^ Recommit for 2014-15
National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) Virginia K-12 1,297  
Morris Meyer for the 40th House of Delegates District Virginia Government (any level) 2 Go
Mary Munford Elementary School, Richmond VA Virginia school 64 Go
Keep Norfolk Beautiful/City of Norfolk Virginia Government (any level) 197 Go
Keep It Clean And Go Green Virginia one person who wants to get involed 2 Go
Go Green Middleburg Virginia Non-profit Organization 1 Go
George Mason University Virginia College/University, State 207 Go
Format and Reload Virginia Online Bulletin Board 3 Go
Fairfax County, VA Virginia Local 416 Go
ENERGY STAR Giving Tree Virginia Government (any level) 67 Go
DOE - Office of Nuclear Energy Virginia Industrial 126  
Congressman Moran VA-8 Virginia Government (any level) 2 Go
City of Falls Church Virginia Government (any level) 37 Go
Boy Scout Troop 481- Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia Non-profit Organization 8 Go
Archangel Arts Center, Inc. Virginia Non-profit Organization 3 Go
Americans for Balanced Energy Choices Virginia Non-profit Organization 32 Go
Putney Energy Committee Vermont Electric Cooperative, Seller of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting, Citizens Group 9 Go
Marlboro College Vermont Education (school/university) 2 Go
Efficiency Vermont Vermont Environmental/Energy 7  
Castleton State College Vermont Education (school/university) 2 Go
Utah Clean Energy Utah Environmental/Energy 137  
Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association Utah Non-profit Organization 1 Go
U.S. HUD - Utah Field Office Utah Government (any level) 6 Go
Summit County Utah Government (any level) 63 Go
Salt Lake City Utah Government (any level) 151 Go
Polution is not Kool (P.I.N.K. Team) Utah Education (school/university) 344 Go
National Energy Foundation Utah Environmental/Energy 3,468 Go
Eco-Response Utah Education (school/university) 3 Go
Concord Party Utah Non-profit Organization 4 Go
Winton & Associates Texas Home Builder 99 Go
White Lodging Services Texas Business/Corporation 5,787 Go
University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas Education (school/university) 3 Go
U.S. HUD Region VI Fort Worth Texas Government (any level) 262 Go
U.S. EPA Region 6 Texas Government (any level) 274 Go
Trimble Technical High School Texas Education (school/university) 1 Go
Travis County Texas Government (any level) 353 Go
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Texas Government (any level) 10 Go
Texas Building and Procurement Commission Texas Government (any level) 3 Go
TexEnergy Solutions / Tempo Texas HERS Provider 17 Go
TE Texas Congregation/Small Business 3 Go
Stephenville High School, S.I.S.D. Texas Education (school/university) 33 Go
Spring Woods Middle School SUN Energy Project Texas Education (school/university) 15 Go
Southlake Realty llc Texas Business/Corporation 34 Go
Shriners Hospitals for Children - Houston Texas Corporate, Hospital 0  
Santa Fe HS Chemistry Club Texas Student/Club 0 Go
Reliant Energy Texas Utility 16,500 Go
PepsiCo Texas Corporate 3,657 Go
Northside Elementary Texas Education (school/university) 4 Go
North Central Texas Council of Governments Texas Non-profit Organization 102 Go
Moody High School Science Club Texas Education (school/university) 73 Go
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