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View pledge drivers from current and past campaigns by clicking on the appropriate year.

The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

811 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type % to goal lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions v Recommit for 2014-15
Quatorze Communications Oregon Corporate N/A 39,971 Go
Shorenstein Realty Services, LP Oregon Corporate N/A 3,720,209  
Bay Harbor Insulation Pennsylvania Small Business 0% 0 Go
Boeing Philadelphia Pennsylvania Industrial N/A 2,755,026  
Cannon Boiler Works, Inc. Pennsylvania Small Business 9% 31,967 Go
Carlisle Barracks Pennsylvania Military 0% 0 Go
Energize Delaware Pennsylvania Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 22% 80,090 Go
Giant Eagle, Inc. Pennsylvania Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting N/A 223,069  
Horsham Township Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) Pennsylvania Other, Environmental Advisory Board N/A 10,898  
ICF International Pennsylvania Environmental/Energy 0% 62,835 Go
Marple Township Pennsylvania Local 35% 123,376 Go
PPL Electric Utilities Pennsylvania Utility 80% 4,288,844 Go
Pinelands Preservation Alliance Pennsylvania Environmental/Energy 2% 6,185 Go
PowerMinders Pennsylvania Small Business 0% 0 Go
The County of Bucks Pennsylvania Local N/A 0 Go
The Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania College/University N/A 28,030 Go
Tobyhanna Army Depot Pennsylvania Military 36% 126,450 Go
U. S. EPA Region 3 Pennsylvania Federal 80% 283,047 Go
Voya, Virtually Orange Pennsylvania Corporate N/A 0  
Voya, West Chester, PA Pennsylvania Corporate N/A 421,228  
CLIMACTIVA Puerto Rico Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0% 0 Go
Municipality of Hormigueros Puerto Rico Local N/A 1,410 Go
Quality Solar System Puerto Rico Small Business 0% 0 Go
Martinelli Caputi & Associates, Ltd. Rhode Island Small Business 10% 34,641 Go
Park View NEED Cougars Rhode Island K-12 N/A 130,864 Go
Pascoag Utility District Rhode Island Utility N/A 136,015  
ACC Shaw AFB South Carolina Military 40% 141,447 Go
AMC Charleston AFB South Carolina Military 0% 0 Go
Eco-Unit, Inc. South Carolina Corporate 5% 85,477 Go
Endangered PC's South Carolina Corporate N/A 0 Go
Furman University South Carolina College/University N/A 441,885 Go
Intelligent Energy Solutions, Inc. South Carolina Corporate 0% 0 Go
Royall ACE Hardware, Inc. South Carolina Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0% 0 Go
South Carolina Utility Coordination Committee South Carolina Trade/Membership 95% 338,929 Go
Turbeville Electric South Carolina Other, Electrical Contractor 11% 39,618 Go
ACC Ellsworth AFB South Dakota Military 16% 55,506 Go
Black Hills Power South Dakota Utility N/A 71,405  
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission South Dakota State N/A 14,836,832  
AFMC Arnold AFB Tennessee Military 5% 18,000 Go
Actus Lend Lease Tennessee Corporate N/A 49,415  
Clinton County Middle School Tennessee K-12 N/A 856,499 Go
Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation Tennessee Other, Affordable Housing Agency 2% 45,379 Go
Fayette Academy Ecology Club Tennessee K-12 0% 0 Go
FedEx Corporation Tennessee Corporate N/A 540,728  
FedEx Express & Services Tennessee Corporate N/A 92,693  
Forest City Military Communities Mid-South Tennessee Military 1% 1,800 Go
Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative Tennessee Electric Cooperative 0% 4,500 Go
Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative Tennessee Electric Cooperative 0% 0 Go
Maple Street Grill Tennessee Small Business 0% 0 Go
Memphis - US Dept of Housing and Urban Development Tennessee Federal 0% 0 Go
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