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View pledge drivers from current and past campaigns by clicking on the appropriate year.

The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

743 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization v Location v Partner Type Total Pledges v Recommit for 2014-15
AL Dept. of Economic & Community Affairs Alabama Government (any level) 81 Go
Alabama Power Co. Alabama Utility 19 Go
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Alaska Electric Cooperative 9 Go
A Brighter Future at ASU Arizona Advocacy Group 27 Go
AHCCCS Arizona College/University, Corporate, State, Trade/Membership, Utility 1 Go
Arizona Public Service (APS) Arizona Utility 171  
Arkansas Energy Office Arkansas Government (any level) 13 Go
All-Star Home Inspection Services LLC California Small Business 6 Go
Azusa Light and Water California Energy Efficiency Program/Utility 5 Go
Active Energies, Inc. Colorado Business/Corporation 6 Go
Arapahoe County Colorado Local 105 Go
Alliance to Save Energy District of Columbia Non-profit Organization 56 Go
Amtrak District of Columbia transportation 124 Go
Ada County Citizens Idaho Government (any level) 305 Go
ArcelorMittal Illinois Industrial 10,667  
Argonne National Laboratory Illinois Federal 981 Go
Access Energy Cooperative Iowa Electric Cooperative 446  
Am Kolel Maryland Congregation/Small Business, Non-profit Organization 22 Go
Ashtanga Yoga Maryland Maryland yoga teacher 2 Go
Altwheels Massachusetts Non-profit Organization 589 Go
Austin Utilities Minnesota Utility 661  
AmerenUE Missouri Utility 465 Go
Alpha Property Management Nevada Business/Corporation 7 Go
Anheuser-Busch New Hampshire Industrial/Manufacturer 54 Go
Association for Cultural Education New Jersey Non-profit Organization 0 Go
Atlantic County Utilities Authority New Jersey Local 2,056  
Albuquerque Public School District New Mexico Education (school/university) 9 Go
Ameresco New York Energy Efficiency Program/Utility 7 Go
Alicia Ravetto, AIA Architect North Carolina Small Business 3  
American Municipal Power - Ohio, Inc. (AMP-Ohio) Ohio Energy Efficiency Program/Utility, Government (any level), Non-profit Organization, Trade Association 11 Go
A Safe Planet Oregon Non-profit Organization, Seller of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting 106 Go
All Natural Me Pennsylvania Online 32 Go
ATX Group Texas Corporate 0 Go
Americans for Balanced Energy Choices Virginia Non-profit Organization 32 Go
Archangel Arts Center, Inc. Virginia Non-profit Organization 3 Go
Advantage IQ Washington Business/Corporation, Energy Services Company 1,011 Go
Avista Utilities Washington Utility 17 Go
All To Success Business/Corporation, Industrial/Manufacturer 10 Go