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View pledge drivers from current and past campaigns by clicking on the appropriate year.

The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

811 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type % to goal lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions ^ Recommit for 2014-15
Boeing Seattle, Plant 2, NBF Washington Industrial N/A 74,222  
Boeing Seal Beach California Industrial N/A 0  
Boeing San Antonio Texas Industrial N/A 360,081  
Boeing Renton Washington Industrial N/A 0  
Boeing Philadelphia Pennsylvania Industrial N/A 2,755,026  
Boeing Mesa Arizona Industrial N/A 686,542  
Boeing Long Beach California Corporate N/A 934,669  
Boeing Kent Space Center Washington Industrial N/A 85,063  
Boeing Huntsville Alabama Industrial N/A 5,136,076  
Boeing Huntington Beach California Industrial N/A 0  
Boeing Houston Texas Industrial N/A 2,476,441  
Boeing Heath Ohio Industrial N/A 1,609,630  
Boeing Everett Washington Industrial N/A 909,971  
Boeing El Segundo California Industrial N/A 108,608  
Boeing Developmental Center / Military Flight Center Washington Industrial N/A 25,378  
Boeing Chicago Illinois Corporate N/A 55,826  
Boeing Bellevue Washington Industrial N/A 60,740  
Boeing Auburn/Frederickson Washington Industrial N/A 324,216  
Boeing Anaheim California Industrial N/A 0  
Boeing - SeaTac, WA Washington Industrial N/A 306,398  
Boeing Washington Industrial N/A 25,708,682  
Bob Quicksell Home Improvements New Jersey Small Business N/A 0  
Blue Ridge Community College, Students in Free Enterprise New York Trade/Membership N/A 0  
Blue Grass Energy Cooperative Corporation Kentucky Electric Cooperative 16% 1,158,722 Go
BLADE Network Technologies California Small Business N/A 18,937 Go
blackEnergy Georgia Corporate 0% 0 Go
Black Hills Power South Dakota Utility N/A 71,405  
Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School Louisiana K-12 N/A 713,124  
Bill Schwartz Colorado Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization N/A 0 Go
Big Sandy RECC Kentucky Electric Cooperative 506% 1,800,450 Go
BGGreen Partnership for a Sustainable Community Kentucky College/University 6% 19,624 Go
Beyond Nines Washington Small Business N/A 0 Go
Best Western International Arizona Corporate N/A 314,817  
Best Buy Territory 8 Minnesota Corporate 51% 3,609,557 Go
Best Buy Territory 7 Minnesota Corporate 39% 2,782,102 Go
Best Buy Territory 6 Minnesota Corporate 65% 4,633,010 Go
Best Buy Territory 5 Minnesota Corporate 97% 6,934,726 Go
Best Buy Territory 4 Minnesota Corporate 23% 1,663,950 Go
Best Buy Territory 3 Minnesota Corporate 2% 164,393 Go
Best Buy Territory 2 Minnesota Corporate 101% 7,185,456 Go
Best Buy Territory 1 Minnesota Corporate 16% 1,171,573 Go
Best Buy D61 Green Team Minnesota Corporate 21% 372,440 Go
Best Buy Palm Desert 124 California Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting N/A 0 Go
Best Buy Minnesota Corporate N/A 44,679,674  
Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission New Jersey Local N/A 409,671 Go
Benham Garden Club Kentucky Other, community service N/A 938,148 Go
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Ohio Corporate N/A 44,375  
Belle Terrace Nebraska Small Business N/A 3,707 Go
Beauty In Motion Industrial N/A 0 Go
Be Smart Energy Education Washington K-12 2% 140,695 Go
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