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The "Change a Light" campaign began in 2006 and ran through Earth Day 2008. Beginning Earth Day 2008, the "Change the World" campaign went into effect.

1442 Total Pledge Drivers

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Organization ^ Location ^ Partner Type Total Pledges ^ Recommit for 2014-15
Fulton County, PA Pennsylvania Local 6 Go
Fulbright Elementary School Arkansas K-12 0 Go
Frontline New York Corporate 0 Go
Frontier Culture Museum Virginia State 0 Go
Frito-Lay, Sidney Illinois Illinois Industrial 18 Go
Frito-Lay Beloit Wisconsin Wisconsin Corporate 551 Go
Frito-Lay - Gothenburg, NE Nebraska Corporate 1 Go
Frito-Lay Texas Corporate 1,251 Go
Friedman Electric Pennsylvania Retailer/Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting 0 Go
Fresh Start Community Development Corporation South Carolina Environmental/Energy, K-12, Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization, Other, Community Housing Development Organization 1 Go
Frederick County, MD Maryland Local 79 Go
Franklin City Schools Ohio K-12 0 Go
Frankfort Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Kentucky Local 102 Go
Francis Tuttle Technology Center Oklahoma K-12, Student/Club 52 Go
Fox Road Elementary School North Carolina K-12 152 Go
Fountain Hills Middle School Arizona K-12 391 Go
Foundation for Ukrainian science and Education, Inc. New Jersey Other 0 Go
Fort Wright Elementary Kentucky Student/Club 1  
Fort Worth Housing Authority Texas Local 1 Go
Fort Smith Community Development Arkansas Federal, Local 21 Go
Fort Pierce Utilities Authority Florida Utility 122 Go
Fort Lewis, WA Washington Military 0 Go
Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary Colorado K-12 84 Go
Fort Hood Texas Military 278 Go
Fort Drum New York Military 3,100 Go
Fort Campbell Kentucky Military 4,200 Go
Forest City Earth Day Pennsylvania Corporate, Other, Real Estate Owner & Developer 370 Go
Forest City Ohio Corporate 633 Go
Ford Motor Company Michigan Industrial 3,140  
Foothill Middle School California K-12 0 Go
Food Lion LLC North Carolina Corporate 243  
Fontainebleau Junior High Louisiana K-12 1 Go
Fontainebleau High Louisiana K-12 0 Go
Folsom Junior High School Louisiana K-12 6 Go
Folsom Junior High Louisiana K-12 3 Go
Folsom Elementary Louisiana K-12 0 Go
Focus on Energy Wisconsin Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 39  
Foam Plus, Inc. Georgia Small Business 2 Go
Florida Solar Energy Center Florida Environmental/Energy, Non-profit Energy Efficiency Organization 1 Go
Florida Avenue Elementary Louisiana K-12 0 Go
Floresta Elementary Florida K-12 109  
FLL Team 2273 - ROBOCATS Wisconsin Student/Club 0 Go
FLL Power Puzzle - Topsfield, MA Massachusetts Student/Club 9 Go
Fleming-Mason Energy Cooperative Kentucky Electric Cooperative 417 Go
Fleming County 4-H Kentucky Student/Club 0 Go
Flakeboard South Carolina Corporate, Industrial 7 Go
Flagstone Elementary Colorado K-12 5 Go
First Congregational, United Church of Christ Idaho Religious/Spiritual 0 Go
Finney County, KS Kansas Local 6 Go
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. District of Columbia Other, Securities Regulation 166 Go
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