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ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Organizations and Stories

Consider working with these Challenge participant organizations to find local solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your buildings. To view the background story for each participant, select the organization name.

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Organization Participant Type current sort Location Contact Name Contact Phone Number
Tridon Industries, Inc. Services  Pennsylvania  Mary Beth Yannessa 800-760-8044 
Trillium Industries, Inc. Services  Kentucky  Michelle Hendrickson 502-240-0506 
Tweddle Group Services  Michigan  Timothy Evans 586-783-6149 
Vaitiare Consulting Services  California  Jessica Chin Foo 530-574-3681 
Vintage Design, Inc Services  Oregon  Louise Mcgarry 541-923-2738 
WL Johnson Enterprise, Inc. Services  Georgia  Wilfred Johnson 478-471-4511 
WRNS Studio LLP Services  California  Pauline Souza 415-489-2224 
Watt Stopper/Legrand-Birmingham Services  California  Jeff Park 205-271-3404 
We Energies Services  Wisconsin  Samantha Wingers 414-221-2289 
Weston Architecture LLC Services  New Jersey  Ronald Weston 973-280-9614 
Wharton-Smith Services  Florida  Robyn Dowsey 407-321-8410 
Wholesale Energy Services  New Jersey  Chris Pirro 908-654-4000 
Wichert Electric Services  Washington  Tara Cartner 360-748-6973 
Wilcox Group Architects Services  Arkansas  Steve Kinzler 501-666-4546 
Windside Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Services  Finland  Renata Baldissara-Kunnela 358451394394 
Xella Aircrete North America Inc. Services  Georgia  Angie Tennyson 678-280-8580 
Yates Services, LLC Services  Tennessee  Matt Cutrell 601-855-8338 
ZENGIN ENERGY Services  Alberta  Omer Faruk Zengin 539-463-0401 
ecoREAL Services  Oregon  Nathan Munk 305-726-7436 
iES Corporation Services  New Jersey  Brock Nigg 212-971-9244 
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