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Database for Incentives and Joint Marketing Exchange

This tool is to help manufacturers and retailers identify regional incentive and marketing opportunities for promoting ENERGY STAR qualified products and to enable all partners to coordinate with the appropriate contact from other partner organizations on promotional opportunities.

What you can do:

Look up Incentives and Marketing Opportunities and their contacts for the following products:

Use the Advanced Search to further customize your search by state, timeframe, campaign, and opportunity.

For a broad overview of current incentives being offered by ENERGY STAR energy efficiency program sponsors, please access the ENERGY STAR Program Summary of interest: Appliances PDF (1.1MB), Consumer Electronics PDF (433KB), or Lighting PDF (1.48MB). Summaries are updated annually.

If you are a retailer or manufacturer partner and have opportunities you would like to share via this public tool, please contact your ENERGY STAR account manager or send an e-mail message to efficiencyrebates@energystar.gov.

Disclaimer: EPA and DOE do not provide financial incentives for promoting or purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products. This tool is provided as a courtesy to share information with partners on the financial incentives available from utilities and other energy-efficiency program sponsors. Please direct your questions and comments about these incentives to the requesting organization or sponsor.