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Central Point School District 6

Logo for Central Point School District 6 Central Point, Oregon
10% Improvement (2013)
Top Performer (2013)

Located in the famous Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon, Central Point School District 6 is nestled between the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges. The district, in partnership with parents and the community, is dedicated to assisting students to reach their individual potential as productive, responsible participants in society. The district serves approximately 4,600 students across more than 590,000 square feet of floor space. Known for its excellent educational programs, the district is committed to innovative and energetic educators who are dedicated equally to students and educational improvement. District 6 administrators view energy efficiency as both an important opportunity to teach students about the environment as well as a way to reduce operating costs.  An ENERGY STAR Partner since 2012, the district makes use of the many valuable resources the ENERGY STAR program provides.


Central Point School District 6 has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving the energy efficiency of its facilities by more than 10 percent compared to a 2011 baseline and as a Top Performer for achieving an average ENERGY STAR 1  100 score of 93 across its portfolio of buildings. Ongoing energy-saving efforts include careful management and scheduling of HVAC systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, computers, printers, and office equipment during operating hours. Adding to the savings are significant equipment shutdowns when buildings are unoccupied. These efforts saved the district $184,000 in avoided energy costs. Compared to its baseline year, the district currently prevents the annual emissions of more than 400 metric tons of greenhouse gases, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 12,000 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.