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Pennsbury School District

Logo for Pennsbury School District Fallsington, Pennsylvania
20% Improvement (2013)
Top Performer (2013)

Pennsbury School District is located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. The district educates more than 11,200 students in facilities encompassing more than 1.8 million square feet of floor space. A student-centered learning community, Pennsbury School District prepares all students to achieve their highest potential and to master the skills and talents necessary for life in a global society. In 2008, the district instituted an energy conservation program and contracted ARAMARK to join the districts energy management team. In 2009, the district became an ENERGY STAR Partner.


Pennsbury School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving energy efficiency by 20 percent compared to a 2007 baseline and as a Top Performer for achieving an average ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 81 across its portfolio of buildings. The district implemented an energy efficiency program that utilized low-capital existing building commissioning and community engagement. Specific activities included:

·         Testing HVAC systems for proper operation

·         Modifying controls to improve functional efficiency

·         Establishing operation standards, including temperature requirements for occupied and unoccupied times

·         Issuing newsletters to inform staff members and students about energy efficiency activities

·         Holding a student competition to develop a logo for the energy efficiency program

·         Participating in the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition

·         Reporting energy performance to the District Facilities Committee on a monthly basis

·         Posting energy performance reports on the districts website


The district is also upgrading Building Automation Systems at select buildings, upgrading to new thermostats, installing mixed air temperature sensor installations, and purchasing new lighting. District officials cite Portfolio Manager, EPAs ENERGY STAR measurement and tracking tool, as an integral component of performance measurement and reporting. Compared to its baseline year, the district currently prevents the emissions of more than 3,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 91,300 trees planted and grown for 10 years.