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Manteca Unified School District

Logo for Manteca Unified School District Manteca, California
30% Improvement (2010)
Top Performer (2010)
Top Performer (2012)

Manteca Unified School District educates more than 23,000 students in buildings representing more than 2.5 million square feet of floor space. The district serves three cities: Stockton, Lathrop, and Manteca, as well as the town of French Camp. Covering more than 110 square miles, Manteca Unified School District is located in the Central Valley of San Joaquin County. It operates on a modified traditional teaching schedule, and its main goal is to provide a supportive, caring, and productive environment in which its young people can obtain the knowledge, technological abilities, and other skills that they will need to become productive members of the community. Manteca Unified School District views energy efficiency as both an important opportunity to teach students about environmental protection, as well as a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, the district strives to save energy to maximize the funds available for instructional programs and support services, and to educate every student and employee about the environmental benefits of energy efficiency. The district's goals and objectives strive for a path to excellence that includes forming a leadership committee to make informed decisions about efficiency and our impact on the environment. The Leadership On Green Initiatives Committee (LOGIC) coordinates efforts to create sustainable practices throughout the district. LOGIC encourages participation in the district's schools and communities through stewardship of the environment. The ENERGY STAR platform of tools and resources provides the opportunity to further this commitment to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. The district has been an ENERGY STAR Partner since 2009.

Manteca Unified School District has been recognized by EPA as an ENERGY STAR Top Performer for achieving an average ENERGY STAR energy performance score of 98 across its portfolio of buildings. In 2010, the district was recognized as an ENERGY STAR Leader for improving energy efficiency in its facilities by more than 30 percent compared to a 2009 baseline. The district's success through LOGIC and the superintendent's commitment to energy efficiency began with the appointment of two district-wide energy specialists to develop and implement a comprehensive energy management plan. A key element of the plan is the comprehensive effort of all staff members throughout the district. Successful efficiency measures have included: maintaining energy systems and equipment, upgrading lighting systems, reviewing and modifying indoor and outdoor lighting schedules and thermostat set points, and modifying individual behaviors on a daily basis. The district has prevented the emission of more than 2,620 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 67,200 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years. On a cost basis, this represents a savings of approximately $3.9 million for the district.