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Cooper Aerobics Enterprises, Inc.

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10% Improvement (2011)

Cooper Aerobics Center in October, 2010 has earned the Energy Star Leader recognition for a 16.32 % reduction in energy conservation throughout the organization and for being in the top 25% nationwide of the health care industry. In 2008 Cooper Aerobics Center retained Energy Education and began implementing the company's people-driven transformational Energy Management process. The successful partnership has led to significant-reduction energy consumption and has instilled a sustainable energy ethic throughout Cooper Aerobics Center's six buildings.


Since November, 2008 Cooper Aerobics Center has realized $228,606 in energy savings. According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates the decrease in electricity consumption alone is the equivalent to taking 192 cars of the road for a year or 27,298 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. Also, the cumulative Greenhouse Gas reduction is the equivalent to 1,067 metric tons of  CO2 removed from the atmosphere.    


The staff at Cooper Aerobics Center has implemented hundreds of improvements in energy consumption habits. The energy conservation efforts have been led by the Energy Education Specialist with ongoing on-site training and oversight from Energy Education engineers and specialist.


Cooper Aerobics Center became a partner of the Energy Star program in 2009.