Price Chopper

Logo for Price Chopper Schenectady, New York
Top Performer (2006)

Based in Schenectady, NY, the Golub Corporation owns and operates more than 100 Price Chopper grocery stores in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. The family-owned company prides itself on longstanding traditions of innovative food merchandising, leadership in community service and cooperative associate relations. Golub's approximately 25,000 associates collectively own 54% of the company's privately held stock.


"Price Chopper is honored to have achieved a designation of  'Superior Portfolio-Wide Energy Performance' by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency," said Mona Golub, VP of Public Relations and Consumer Services for the 115-store supermarket chain. "This accomplishment clearly represents our commitment to reduce and conserve energy usage, as both a dedicated corporate citizen and good neighbor to the many communities in which we operate," she added.

Price Chopper joined ENERGY STAR in 2002.