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Stillwater Area Schools ISD 834

Logo for Stillwater Area Schools ISD 834 Stillwater, Minnesota
10% Improvement (2006)

Stillwater Area Public Schools (Independent School District 834) educate approximately 9,000 K-12 students across 15 facilities. The school district has assessed the energy performance of its schools and undertaken improvements, averaging a 10-point improvement in energy efficiency. Through an association with the Schools for Energy EfficiencyTM(SEE) program, the district has avoided $322,081.00 in costs over the past two years more than $34.50 per student. The SEE program provides the district with self-implemented strategies that help optimize systems operation and modify occupants behavior while reducing overall energy consumption in district facilities. The district's goal is to focus on building long-term operational and behavioral changes to ensure sustainable reductions in energy use, utilizing the comprehensive approaches of the SEE program.  

Stillwater Independent School District 834 joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.