Hannaford Bros. Co.

Logo for Hannaford Bros. Co. Portland, Maine
Top Performer (2006)

Hannaford Bros. Co. (Hannaford) operates 160 supermarkets in five states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York).  Hannaford was one of the first U.S. supermarket companies to establish a corporate focus on energy management, and their portfolio-wide energy performance rating is over 75.  Efficiency efforts have focused on lighting, refrigeration, HVAC and control systems, resulting in a significant reduction of electricity and fuel usage.  In particular, cold weather energy use is minimized in Hannaford stores due to efficient control of refrigeration systems, and the optimal use of reclaimed heat to displace fossil fuels for space heating.  In addition to ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition, Hannaford will earn the ENERGY STAR label for 16 supermarkets in 2006. 


Hannaford joined ENERGY STAR in 2005.