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Ogden City School District

Logo for Ogden City School District Ogden, Utah
Top Performer (2009)

Established in 1849, Ogden City School District is an inner-city district, enriched by multicultural diversity. We operate 13 elementary schools, three junior high schools, two high schools, one alternative high school and one youth-in-custody school all operated on a traditional school schedule. The mission of the Ogden City School District is to instill in all students a passion for learning, readiness to pursue their career aspirations, and the capacity to thrive as responsible citizens in a global community. The Ogden City School District has a responsibility to the public to ensure that every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while preserving an appropriate learning environment. The district also recognizes that it is the joint responsibility of the school board, administrators, teachers, students, and support personnel, and that a successful energy program is based on cooperation at all levels. Participation with the ENERGY STAR program has provided the district with valuable resources and ideas that have helped in meeting its energy goals.

Ogden City School District has earned ENERGY STAR Leaders Top Performer recognition for achieving a portfolio-wide average of 89 for its 24 sites. The success of its energy program started when the Board and Superintendent recognized the need for a commitment to energy management and hired a full time energy manager to develop and implement a comprehensive energy plan. A key element of that plan is to help everyone understand that everyone in the district teachers, administrators, support staff, and students is an energy saver. Successful efficiency measures have included an increased focus on maintenance of energy systems and equipment as well as time scheduling and set points. The district has received state funds to upgrade lighting systems at its junior high schools and all of its new construction will include energy efficiency measures.