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Clarkston Community Schools

Logo for Clarkston Community Schools Clarkston, Michigan
20% Improvement (2008)

Clarkston Community School District educates more than 8,100 K-12 students across 13 buildings (approximately 1.5 million sq. ft.). The district's mission is to ensure learning while challenging all individuals to exceed their own expectations. As part of this commitment to superior achievement, the district has implemented an aggressive energy savings plan, which is overseen by the district's Energy Savings Manager.  The program was initialized in the 2006-2007 school year, and the district became an ENERGY STAR partner in early 2008. 

As of June 2008, the district had reduced its energy use by 28 percent. This reduction has saved more than $642,500 in combined natural gas and electric consumption savings.  The district has prevented more than 4,500 metric tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the annual emissions from more than 800 vehicles or the planting of more than 1,000 acres of trees. The district has realized an additional $166,000 in cost avoidance savings. These energy efficiency improvements were achieved through implementing building and lighting upgrades, controlling utility usage during unoccupied hours, using a computer script to shut down computers at the end of the school day, and utilizing sleep settings on peripherals. The districts Energy Savings Manager also closely monitored energy consumption patterns. In addition to technological updates, changes in human behavior played an important role, and the district involved staff and students in energy savings efforts, as well as formed an energy committee that meets regularly.

Seven of the district's 13 buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR, and it is the district's goal to achieve this status for the remaining buildings.