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Commercial Water Heaters Key Product Criteria

ENERGY STAR Commercial Water Heaters - Eligible Product Types
Type ENERGY STAR Requirements
Gas Storage > 75,000 BTU/hr input
<= 140 gallons storage capacity
Gas Tankless >= 4,000 BTU/hr per gallon of stored water
ENERGY STAR Requirements for Qualified Commercial Gas Water Heaters
Criteria Type ENERGY STAR Requirements
Thermal Efficiency (TE) or Energy Factor (EF) Storage;
TE >= 0.94 or EF >= 0.93
Maximum Standby Loss Storage <= 0.84 * [(Input Rate / 800) +110(Volumer)1/2] (Btu/hr)
Instantaneous N/A
Minimum Manufacturer Limited Warranty Storage;
3 years on tank and/or heat exchanger and 1 year on parts