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Room Air Conditioners Key Product Criteria

Equipment Criteria
Room Air Conditioners At least 15% more energy efficient than the minimum federal government standards.
ENERGY STAR Qualified Room Air Conditioner (RAC) Eligibility
Units Without Reverse Cycle
Capacity (Btu/Hr) ENERGY STAR EER, with louvered sides ENERGY STAR EER, without louvered sides
< 6,000 ≥ 11.2 ≥ 10.4
6,000 to 7,999
8,000 to 10,999 ≥ 11.3 ≥ 9.8
11,000 to 13,999
14,000 to 19,999 ≥ 11.2
20,000 to 27,999 ≥ 9.8
≥ 28,000
Reverse Cycle
Capacity (Btu/Hr) ENERGY STAR EER, with louvered sides ENERGY STAR EER, without louvered sides
< 14,000 N/A ≥ 9.8
≥ 14,000 ≥ 9.2
< 20,000 ≥ 10.4 N/A
≥ 20,000 ≥ 9.8
Casement-only ≥ 10.0
Casement-slider ≥ 10.9

Features that help room air conditioners achieve this efficiency include:

  • High-efficiency compressors
  • High-efficiency fan motors
  • Improved heat transfer surfaces

An air conditioner transfers heat — from the inside of a building, where it is not wanted, to the outside. The compressor sends cooled refrigerant through the coils. The refrigerant draws heat from the air as it is forced over the coils. A fan blows outside air over the hot coil, transferring heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. Because the heat is removed from the indoor air, the indoor area is cooled.

By using advanced heat transfer technologies, ENERGY STAR qualified room air conditioners transfer more heat from the air into the coils than conventional models transfer, saving the energy required to compress the refrigerant.

ENERGY STAR room air conditioners will also have intelligent, energy-saving features including:

Energy Saver Mode – In this mode, an air conditioner will operate more efficiency by limiting fan operation when the compressor turns off. While this will be the default mode when the unit is turned on, consumers can override this setting, if they wish.

Filter Reminder – The air conditioner will provide a visual reminder that the air filter needs to be checked, cleaned or replaced, as needed – to help keep the unit operating at a high efficiency.