ENERGY STAR Training Center


Home Electronics

In addition to the power consumed in active mode, home electronics also use energy when they’re off to power features like clock displays, channel settings, and remote control functions. Products that have earned the ENERGY STAR require less energy to maintain these features, while providing the same performance and quality as conventional, less-efficient models. By using less energy, these products help lower consumers’ utility bills and help protect the environment by preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

The links below take you to fact sheets, training presentations, and other resources that help retailers, manufacturers, and utilities effectively communicate the benefits of qualified products to consumers.

  • Displays
    On average, displays that have earned the ENERGY STAR are 25% more energy efficient than standard options.

Training Resources for Utilities

The tool(s) below are intended for utilities that offer incentives on ENERGY STAR certified equipment or are interested in developing a program.

How to Use Midstream Incentives to Promote ENERGY STAR Certified Consumer Electronics PDF (4.7MB)