ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package

Helping your customers light their homes for a better world

What is an ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package (ALP)?

An ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package designation identifies homes equipped with a comprehensive set of ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures. The Advanced Lighting Package can be promoted to manufacturers, builders, lighting showrooms, and distributors to steer consumers and home buyers toward high quality decorative fixtures featuring the energy savings consumers expect from ENERGY STAR.

The Advanced Lighting Package designation applies to lighting packages, for new home construction, that consist of a minimum of 60% ENERGY STAR qualified hard-wired fixtures and 100% ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans where installed.

Benefits of the ENERGY STAR Advanced Lighting Package Advanced Lighting Package

ALP pie chart
  • Easily incorporated into efficiency programs by providing a turnkey, comprehensive, advanced lighting strategy.
  • Seeks to maximize kWh and energy bill savings by requiring 60% of the installed hard-wired fixtures to be ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • Requires fixtures with non-screw based light sources for sustained savings.
  • Opportunity to influence long-term design trends by showcasing efficient lighting in high-end homes.
  • Create bridge to advanced lighting technology of the future (solid state lighting and others).

Business Benefits of the Advanced Lighting Package Advanced Lighting Package for Builders

  • Increased revenue: Built-in energy-saving features can increase revenue on every home. Savings from ENERGY STAR qualified lighting will reduce the monthly costs of ownership for your buyers.
  • Market Differentiation: Partnering with ENERGY STAR distinguishes builders as leaders in efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable recognition and market advantage. Consumers increasingly recognize and choose ENERGY STAR.
  • Design Flexibility: There are thousands of ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures to choose from. They are available in many styles and finishes and are suitable for every application in the home. The Advanced Lighting Package requirements are designed to promote flexibility in fixture selections throughout the home.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The energy efficiency, selection, and quality of ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures translate into impressive value and comfort for your customers. In addition, America's consumers are increasingly seeking ways to save energy and reduce their "carbon footprint."

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