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The ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign is a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consumed by their information technology equipment. This campaign brings together the best resources that ENERGY STAR has to offer in the information technology space. Meet our Low Carbon IT Champions and the thousands of organizations that have taken advantage of these resources to save money and energy by joining the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign.

ENERGY STAR has helped…

  • GlaxoSmithKline PDF (150KB) save nearly $1 million a year after activating sleep features on laptops using a free Windows utility.
  • HP and Microsoft PDF (2.70MB) document that new ENERGY STAR - qualified servers consumed 54% less power than older model servers.
  • 5 ways ENERGY STAR can reduce IT costs
  • Power-manage computers. Save $10-$50 per computer annually and tap into free technical consultations from ENERGY STAR
  • Choose energy-efficient IT Equipment. Save with desktops, notebooks, servers, printers, copiers, and more.
  • Save energy in the data center. Review the top 12 ways to cut energy costs
  • Benchmark your data center's energy efficiency. Receive an energy performance rating.
  • Reduce peripheral energy consumption. Printers, smart power strips and more.
  • For Utilities. Read our guide on designing data center energy-efficiency program.