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Implementation Resources for Enterprises

There are many ways to activate sleep settings across entire networks of computers, including a number of public domain/operating system solutions, and a number of commercial software packages.

Public Domain/Operating System Solutions

These solutions utilize public domain software tools, and/or tools that you may already have at your disposal. Click on the links below to review information on tools to:

  1. Activate sleep settings
  2. Ensure that sleeping computers can still receive administrative software updates (such as Windows security patches and antivirus definitions).
  3. Use Remote Desktop on your sleeping computer through Windows 7.

Commercial software solutions

A number of commercial software packages provide computer power management functionality. Some also offer a way to ensure that administrative software updates (such as Windows updates and antivirus definitions) are applied to computers that "sleep." Commercial software packages typically offer more feature-rich solutions and may deliver more energy savings, but they involve fees.

Technical assistance for network administrators

After receiving your Low Carbon IT Campaign Power Management Pledge, EPA contractors can answer technical questions about deploying power management settings — and about the various options for keeping sleeping PCs up to date with security and other software patches. A quick conference call can save you time researching various solutions, and arm you with lessons learned from dozens of large and small IT departments. To schedule a technical assistance call, send an email to powermanagement@cadmusgroup.com.