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Step 6: Earn Public Recognition and Publicity for Good Corporate Citizenship

Join the ENERGY STAR Million Monitor Drive

The goal of the Million Monitor Drive campaign is to see monitor power management (MPM) enabled on one million monitors annually in the U.S. Leading businesses (Pitney Bowes, Cisco Systems), universities (Harvard University, Penn State), and governments (Defense Information Systems Agency, Westchester County) have joined the Million Monitor Drive to save energy, money, and help prevent pollution. See the Current List of Contributors to the Million Monitor Drive.

Why Join?

You will receive a framed certificate PDF from EPA acknowledging your efforts on behalf of energy efficiency and the environment. You’ll also earn bragging rights — EPA encourages organizations to tell employees, customers, and communities about their participation in the Million Monitor Drive. Getting the word out demonstrates your commitment to good corporate citizenship. Towards this end, EPA provides template press releases and newsletter articles, and can even arrange media interviews with EPA officials. If your company participates in broader pollution-reduction initiatives, such as Climate Leaders Exit ENERGY STAR, or keeps a greenhouse gas inventory, your participation in the Million Monitor Drive can help.

Joining is EASY

To join the “Million Monitor Drive,” your organization simply pledges to activate monitor power management features on as many monitors as possible. A one-paragraph pledge form asks you for:

  • An estimate of the total number of computer monitors you intend to power manage;
  • An approximate date in the future when your monitor power management implementation will likely be completed.

A few minutes is all it takes to download the pledge form Word document, fill it out, and return it as an indication of your organization’s commitment to the ENERGY STAR Million Monitor Drive.

Earn Special Recognition for Activating Computer Power Management Features

EPA honors organizations that go above and beyond monitor power management to activate computer power management features (system standby or hibernate) as well. Contact us to learn more about special recognition from EPA.

Examples of Million Monitor Drive Recognition

* EPA always coordinates media outreach activity with participants’ press offices.

Take These Steps to Activate Power Management Organization Wide

Step 1: Estimate your savings and view case studies.

Step 2: Decide which is right for you: monitor only or both monitor and computer.

Step 3: Evaluate software options and choose a power management method.

Step 4: Inform employees with free educational materials.

Step 5: Activate power management. EPA provides free technical support.

Step 6: Earn public recognition through the Million Monitor Drive campaign.