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Step 5: Contact EPA for Technical Support

EPA has helped hundreds of organizations activate power management settings to save energy, money, and prevent pollution. Contact us and we can assist you with:

  • Estimating your potential savings from power management
  • Selecting the method for activating power management features that's best for your IT environment
  • Determining whether CPM is feasible in your organization
  • Preparing your network for CPM
  • Understanding and implementing EZ Save, EZ GPO, and EZ Wizard software tools
  • Activating power management features during Windows upgrades or using 3rd party software tools.

Please contact:
ENERGY STAR’s Power Management Team

Take These Steps to Activate Power Management Organization Wide

Step 1: Estimate your savings and view case studies.

Step 2: Decide which is right for you: monitor only or both monitor and computer.

Step 3: Evaluate software options and choose a power management method.

Step 4: Inform employees with free educational materials.

Step 5: Activate power management. EPA provides free technical support.

Step 6: Earn public recognition through the Million Monitor Drive campaign.