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Step 4: Inform Employees With Educational Materials

Employees typically embrace power management when they understand that they are saving money and preventing pollution by using these energy-saving features. The EPA recommends that you inform employees about power management settings prior to activating them. Including information on the economic and environmental benefits can secure their cooperation.

EPA offers free email templates, newsletter article templates, and independent savings estimates geared towards educating employees about power management. Additional educational aids, including “Sleep is Good” themed outreach materials, are also available:

If you would like to print these materials, contact us for high-resolution electronic files.

Take These Steps to Activate Power Management Organization Wide

Step 1: Estimate your savings and view case studies.

Step 2: Decide which is right for you: monitor only or both monitor and computer.

Step 3: Evaluate software options and choose a power management method.

Step 4: Inform employees with free educational materials.

Step 5: Activate power management. EPA provides free technical support.

Step 6: Earn public recognition through the Million Monitor Drive campaign.