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Step 1: Estimate Your Potential Energy Savings and the Environmental Benefits

You can save $25 to $75 per desktop PC annually by activating power management features. Estimating your organization’s savings potential is quick and easy with our on-line savings calculator Exit ENERGY STAR. The calculator includes a “basic” mode, where you simply enter the number of computers and your electricity rate, and an “advanced” mode, where you can adjust the following additional factors:

  • The night-time shut-off rate
  • The energy used by your computers and monitors

The calculator then determines:

  • Energy savings
  • Monetary savings
  • Carbon dioxide emissions prevented
  • Carbon dioxide equivalents, such as acres of trees planted and cars taken off the road

Review Case Studies

Organizations like yours have activated power management features to save energy, money, and prevent pollution. Here are just a few of their stories.

Organizations Activating Monitor Power Management (MPM)

  • View the business case study that General Electric Power Ponit (137KB) energy managers presented to upper management
  • Read how VP Buildings PDF (75KB), a designer of prefab metal buildings, used EZ GPO, one of EPA’s free software tools, to activate MPM.
  • Cisco Systems Word document saved $1 million per year using a third-party tool.
  • Pitney Bowes Word document saved $160,000 per year during a Windows upgrade.
  • State energy offices PDF (131KB) and various universities Word document used EPA’s free EZ Save tool to save money and energy.

Organizations Activating Power Management on the Monitor and Computer (CPU, Hard Drive, etc.)

  • General Electric PDF (155KB) activated CPM and MPM on 75,000 computers to save $2.5 million annually.
  • Yale University PDF (141KB) saved over $40 per PC by shutting down their PCs at night. waking them up at night and updating them.
  • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh PDF (128KB) used the EZ GPO tool and technical assistance from EPA to activate system standby and continue to update at night in their computer lab to save $9,000 annually.
  • North Thurston Public Schools PDF (138KB) used the free EZ GPO tool to activate monitor and computer power management to save $45,000 annually.
  • Spring Branch Independent School District Word document activated Windows sleep settings on 7,000 computers and monitors, and is now saving $230,000 annually.
  • BEMIS PDF (119KB) used Desktop Standard’s Policy Maker 2.0 to activate power management features on their computers to save $30/seat across 5,000 seats.
  • BC Hydro PDF (135KB) activated CPM and MPM at the Abbotsford School District using Verdiem’s EZ Surveyor tool.

Take These Steps to Activate Power Management Organization Wide

Step 1: Estimate your savings and view case studies.

Step 2: Decide which is right for you: monitor only or both monitor and computer.

Step 3: Evaluate software options and choose a power management method.

Step 4: Inform employees with free educational materials.

Step 5: Activate power management. EPA provides free technical support.

Step 6: Earn public recognition through the Million Monitor Drive campaign.