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12 Ways to Save Energy in the Data Center

This resource provides a general overview of the most commonly used energy efficiency strategies in data centers. For each of the 12 opportunities listed below, we provide practical implementation considerations such as:

  • How the strategy is implemented;
  • How much its costs;
  • How much it can save;
  • Risks involved with implementation;
  • Where to find additional information.

It is intended to help IT professionals, facility managers, energy managers, and sustainability coordinators identify and understand opportunities in existing data centers.

For a summary of the 12 ways to save, download our 4-page brochure PDF (2.07MB).

Webinars & Video

We offer a free 40-min overview of the 12 ways to save energy in data centers each month. Register here.

The webinar is also available as a five-part video series, Data Center Energy Efficiency Opportunities: What Managers Should Know:

IT Opportunities

Airflow Management Strategies

HVAC Adjustments

Additional Resources