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Independent Inspections and Testing

BuilderENERGY STAR builder partners don't just claim that their homes are energy efficient, they back it up with independent inspections and testing by a Home Energy Rater. Learn more about independent inspections and testing in this fact sheet PDF (1.94MB).

Climate-Specific Recommendations

For a home to be truly energy efficient, its design and construction must consider local conditions. Home Energy Raters are trained in climate-specific energy saving techniques, and their knowledge and field experience help ENERGY STAR builder partners select the most appropriate energy-efficient features.

Field Verification

Raters conduct onsite inspections and testing of ENERGY STAR certified homes to ensure they meet rigorous program guidelines. The process typically includes a blower door test to measure air leakage in the house, a duct blaster test to measure duct leakage, and a comprehensive set of inspections to assure proper construction details.

Quality Assurance

Homes that earn the ENERGY STAR typically undergo significantly more systems engineering, inspections, and testing than homes built to code. This verification process helps to identify and correct mistakes before they become problems and holds builders accountable to higher standards.

Peace of Mind That Comes with Making a Smart Purchase

Look for the blue ENERGY STAR label —typically located on a home's circuit breaker box. It assures you that the home has been verified by an independent Home Energy Rater to be truly energy efficient.

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Explore ENERGY STAR Certified Home Features

These features refer to homes using ENERGY STAR for Homes Version 3 guidelines. Until July 2012, builders may use prior versions of the ENERGY STAR guidelines. Ask your builder for more information.

Leona Fisher and Will Sankhla

“ENERGY STAR was a smart choice for our first home. It's not just about the savings. We like that our home was built with cutting–edge technology and the environment in mind. Protecting the environment is important to us—and this gave us an opportunity to be part of the solution.”

— Leona Fisher and Will Sankhla,
Fontana, CA