Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

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Ring charts of 2013 HPwES Regional Projection Distribution on left and 2013 HPwES Regional Distribution of Active Sponsors on right

Regional Projection Distribution: NE (North East): 49,595; MW (Mid West): 11,688; MA (Mid Atlantic): 7,964; SC (South Central): 4,657; SW (South West): 3,788; NW (North West): 1,437; SE (South East): 1,189; Regional Distribution of Active Sponsors: NE (North East): 7; MW (Mid West): 10; MA (Mid Atlantic): 11; SC (South Central): 5; SW (South West): 5; NW (North West): 2; SE (South East): 7; NC (North Central): 1

Source: DOE data collection from HPwES Sponsors. Past quarters data may be updated as communicated by HPwES Sponsors.

HPwES Regions

National map showing regions