Shopping for Combination Units

In addition to energy performance, there are many other important operating and convenience features to consider when shopping for home electronics.

ENERGY STAR provides this information so you can select the best product for your individual needs. ENERGY STAR does not endorse any of the features or any of the sources of further information and product reviews mentioned below.

Considering a Combination Product such as a TV/DVD or Cordless Phone/Answering Machine? Here are some brief descriptions of the benefits of combination and standalone products.

Benefits of Combination Products

Combination products save space, simplify set-up, require fewer cables, are more portable, use fewer remotes, and usually consume less energy in standby mode than separate components.

Benefits of Standalone Products

Standalone products, i.e. separate components, often offer more features and versatility, are easier to repair or replace, and the price of buying standalone products could be less than buying a combination product.

Tip: Know what features you want in a product before purchasing (e.g., you may have a hard time finding certain features in a combination unit) and take some time to price out the combination unit vs. individual components.