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Why Use ENERGY STAR in C&I Programs?

Energy efficiency program sponsors are increasingly interested in strategies that help them achieve greater energy savings and provide a way to promote whole building energy performance within their program portfolio. ENERGY STAR's whole building approach for buildings and plants can provide such a platform. By incorporating O&M improvement opportunities and behavioral change, and identifying savings from interactions between building systems, the whole building approach delivers savings that prescriptive measures alone may fail to capture.

The ENERGY STAR partnership experience demonstrates that senior management commitment is essential for making energy efficiency a priority in an organization. The EPA's ENERGY STAR energy performance scale speaks effectively to key decision-makers, providing a quantitative metric to encourage improved energy management and capital investment in energy efficient technologies.

Leveraging ENERGY STAR can result in more cost-effective programs and greater savings over the long term. ENERGY STAR offers program sponsors:

  • A successful business strategy for promoting whole building energy performance.
  • An energy performance scale that motivates efficiency improvement — accessed at no cost through Portfolio Manager. Businesses can score the energy performance of their buildings on a scale of 1–100 relative to similar buildings nationwide.
  • Proven tools and resources for specific customer sectors (e.g. commercial office buildings, hospitality, and healthcare).
  • Resources and recognition to support ongoing improvement. EPA recognizes top performing buildings — earning a score of 75 or higher on the energy performance rating scale — with the ENERGY STAR.

Buildings representing several billion square feet of space have benchmarked energy performance using EPA's Portfolio Manager tool, and thousands of commercial buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR certification designating superior energy performance. View the ENERGY STAR snapshot for the latest national and state metrics showing ENERGY STAR's impact on the C&I sector.

Program sponsors can also advance their program interests by helping customers participate in new community initiatives, including local or state energy policy requirements. Energy benchmarking is a common element among many of these initiatives that frequently leverage EPA's Portfolio Manager tool. In some regions, legislation is driving the use of Portfolio Manager and may contain requirements for utilities and other program sponsors. Stay current on state and local legislation PDF (96KB) incorporating EPA's energy performance scale.

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