Portfolio Manager Web Services for Utilities

Exchanging data is a process for providing electronic access to EPA's Energy Performance Scale housed in Portfolio Manager. Third parties including energy service companies, utilities, and regional efficiency programs can send energy consumption and building characteristic data to EPA over the Web and receive ENERGY STAR scores, weather normalized energy use intensity (EUI) benchmarks, and carbon emissions estimates in return.

Exchanging data with Portfolio Manager provides monthly energy usage as required by Portfolio Manager, and makes it easier for utilities and customers to track savings from energy efficiency measures over time. Utilities seeking to implement Portfolio Manager web services can follow one of two basic processes.

  • Provide utility data — After creating a Portfolio Manager account, customers can enter building characteristic information in Portfolio Manager without adding energy data. Instead, customers can request that their utilities import energy data directly into Portfolio Manager on their behalf, and view and track energy performance scores in their account.
  • Provide web services — Some utilities offer customers energy information tools as a part of their online bill access Web sites or as standalone software packages. Utilities can add web services as a value-added effort or as a part of efficiency programs, allowing customers to view their energy performance scores directly within the utility Web site or software package.

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