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Requirements & Resources for HVAC Contractors

For a home to be ENERGY STAR certified, several key commissioning tasks must be completed by a credentialed HVAC contractor. These requirements are contained in the HVAC Commissioning Checklist, and include checking the refrigerant charge, measuring the HVAC fan airflow, and a recommendation to test and balance the room-by-room airflows. Visit the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program Requirements page to download the HVAC Commissioning Checklist and visit the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Policy Changes and Clarifications page to learn more about recent program changes. The resources below will help you complete these tasks.


Click on the links below to watch short technical training videos.

HVAC and ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Power Point Presentation (16MB, 6min.)

This short recorded presentation was created for HVAC contractors and explains how to become credentialed to work with ENERGY STAR. The presentation also explains how HVAC design, installation and performance are incorporated into the ENERGY STAR program.

How to Measure HVAC Fan Airflow Exit ENERGY STAR (< 5 minutes each)

Watch these five short videos to see how to measure HVAC fan airflow – one critical commissioning task for ENERGY STAR certified homes.