Guidance Documents

For an MFHR project to earn the ENERGY STAR, EPA or its designated agent must approve a complete Proposed Design Submittal and a complete As-Built Submittal.

All required program documentation for both submittals is available as a .zip file download below. The downloadable file includes folders with documentation specific to the Performance and Prescriptive paths as well as the Testing & Verification documents. Consult the Licensed Professionals page for details on the requirements for both the Proposed Design Submittal and the As-Built Submittal.

Additional information on submittals and required documentation is available in the Licensed Professional’s Guide to the ENERGY STAR Label for MFHR Buildings PDF (636KB) that is also included in the .zip file.

Download all MFHR Guidance Documents (.zip)

Testing & Verification Documents

(Performance and Prescriptive Path)

The Testing & Verification Protocols are mandatory requirements for the inspection, testing, and verification of each of the energy-related components and systems that exist in participating projects. Compliance with the Testing & Verification Protocols is required for both the Performance and Prescriptive paths.

The results of the inspections must be documented in the Testing & Verification Worksheets and Photo Folder Template and provided to EPA or its designated agent at the completion of construction. Inspections should be conducted throughout the project construction phase at a time that is best suited to determine whether the energy efficiency element is installed to specification.

Testing & Verification (T&V) Protocols

This guide outlines the Testing & Verification Protocols PDF (817KB) for the MFHR Program.

Testing and Verification Worksheets

The Testing and Verification Worksheets xls (2.3MB) are used to document that each prerequisite and each energy conservation measure included in the completed building meet all requirements and follow the T&V Protocols. The T&V Worksheets are a key component to the program’s submittals and must be submitted to EPA or its designated agent as part of the Proposed Design Submittal and the As-Built Submittal.

View a sample of the T&V Worksheets xls (2.4MB) with examples of documentation at various stages of the project.

Photo Template

The Photo Template (ZIP) (5.9MB) is a companion to the T&V Worksheets and provides photographic evidence that all requirements of the T&V Protocols are met in the completed building. (As-Built Submittal Only). See below for the three formatting options available for Licensed Professionals to submit photo documentation or view the Options for Photo Documentation & Submission Instructions PDF (307KB) guide for more information.

Option 1 – Protocols Consolidated into One Template Word (233KB)

View a sample of the Photo Template Option 1 PDF (3.5MB)

Option 2 – Templates Separated by Protocol (ZIP) (1.7MB)

Option 3 – Photo Folders (ZIP) (112KB)

ASHRAE 90.1–2007 Compliance Forms

ASHRAE 90.1–2007 Compliance Forms PDF (1.4MB) are included to help Developer Partners and Licensed Professionals verify compliance with the Mandatory Provisions of the standard, which are prerequisites in the MFHR program. These forms will not be reviewed by EPA or its designated agent and are not required as part of the Proposed Design Submittal or the As-Built Submittals.

Performance and Prescriptive Path Documents

Guidance documents specific to both the Performance Path and the Prescriptive Path are described below for reference.

Performance Path
ENERGY STAR MFHR Performance Path Requirements

Projects must meet the requirements specified in the ENERGY STAR MFHR Performance Path Requirements PDF (157KB) in order to earn the ENERGY STAR using the Performance Path. *Note: See Program Requirements page for performance target updates in states with more advanced building codes such as ASHRAE90.1-2010/2012 IECC.

Simulation Guidelines The Simulation Guidelines PDF (327KB) is a companion document to ASHRAE 90.1–2007 and ASHRAE 90.1 – Appendix G and contains program requirements to assist energy modelers in developing the Baseline Building Design, Proposed Building Design, and As-Built models for each project.
Performance Path Calculator

The Performance Path Calculator xls (789KB) is a set of worksheets in an Excel file designed to provide consistency among energy modelers by providing the exact calculations described in the Simulation Guidelines. It also provides a consistent format for reporting the results of the Performance Rating. Many of these worksheets are optional, however, submission of the Excel file, with Basic Info and Reporting Summary worksheets completed, is mandatory.

View a sample of a completed Performance Path Calculator xls (800KB)

Quality Control Checklist The modeling Quality Control Checklist PDF (207KB) provides guidance to energy modelers on commonly missed requirements or requirements that may be different than commonly seen in commercial or single-family building energy models.
Prescriptive Path
ENERGY STAR MFHR Prescriptive Path Requirements Projects must meet the requirements specified in the ENERGY STAR MFHR Prescriptive Path Requirements PDF (207KB) in order to earn the ENERGY STAR using the Prescriptive Path.