a worker on the roof of a house under construction

Benefits with Partnering with ENERGY STAR

Home industry professionals who partner with EPA’s ENERGY STAR can increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and gain national recognition as industry and environmental leaders. ENERGY STAR and its partners work together to promote the benefits and increase sales of energy-efficient homes.

Today everyone is concerned about rising energy costs. By partnering with ENERGY STAR builders provide their customers a comfortable home that uses less energy.

Home Energy Raters
Every year, thousands of builders across the United States construct more than 200,000 homes which they want certified as ENERGY STAR. It’s a significant business opportunity.

Utilities & State Energy Offices
As concerns grow about the rising cost of energy, utilities and State Energy Offices can demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency by co-branding outreach and education efforts with ENERGY STAR.

Working with ENERGY STAR as a Lender
Lenders can increase loan size and volume and distinguish themselves as environmental leaders while helping borrowers finance the purchase of a more energy efficient home.

Working with ENERGY STAR as a Realtor or other Home Industry Professional
Many realtors, contractors, service providers, retailers, and product manufactureres participate in ENERGY STAR to increase profits and customer loyalty by promoting the energy-daving and environmental benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes.