Technical Resources

Utilize these tools and resources to evaluate, develop, and implement energy efficiency solutions for affordable housing.

Portfolio Manager for Multifamily Buildings — benchmark energy and water consumption within individual buildings as well as across multiple buildings

County-level ENERGY STAR Reference Designs — ENERGY STAR has Reference Designs for constructing ENERGY STAR certified homes that are county-specific

HUD's Energy Improvements Checklist for Public Housing Authorities Word document Exit ENERGY STAR — designed with smaller PHAs in mind, this checklist provides a comprehensive list of cost-effective energy efficiency improvements

Rapid Deployment Energy Efficiency Toolkit PDF document (891KB) Exit ENERGY STAR — detailed program design and implementation guides for 10 broadly applicable energy efficiency programs. The Toolkit helps entities choose successful programs as they advance energy efficiency program funding opportunities through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Indoor Air Plus — learn how Indoor airPLUS certified homes can improve a home's living environment

Home Energy Yardstick — a tool for homeowners to compare their home's energy use to other homes and receive a set of improvement recommendations.