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Commercial refrigerator graphic ENERGY STAR labeled commercial refrigerators and freezers are more energy efficient because they are designed with components such as ECM evaporator and condenser fan motors, hot gas anti-sweat heaters, or high-efficiency compressors, which will significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills.

Compared to standard models, ENERGY STAR labeled commercial refrigerators and freezers can lead to energy savings of as much as 35 percent with a 1.3 year payback.

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Current Specification Effective Date: January 2008

Products must not exceed maximum energy consumption in kWh per day, as determined by internal volume, door type, configuration, and unit type under the new Version 2.0 specification.

Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers Key Product Criteria: ENERGY STAR

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For a list of ENERGY STAR partners that sell ENERGY STAR qualified equipment, see Where to Buy.

For a list of CFS incentives, please see either the CFS Incentive Guide or the ENERGY STAR CFS Incentive Finder.

The ENERGY STAR CFS Incentive Finder displays utility incentives for ENERGY STAR qualified commercial food service equipment.

The CFS Incentive Guide Excel icon is an excel spreadsheet that includes incentives for both ENERGY STAR qualified equipment and energy efficient equipment not covered by the ENERGY STAR program.


Did You Know?

Replacing all existing commercial solid door refrigerators and freezers in the U.S. with ENERGY STAR qualified models would result in savings of $410 million per year or more than 35 percent of the energy consumed by models currently on the market. These savings would also prevent 6 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the emissions from about 530,000 cars.